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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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{i} Scope of the Symposium: (see also: 25th-CIEC-first-announcement.pdf)

The 25th CIEC symposium is thematically dedicated to the significance of sulfur in high-input cropping systems. The reason is simply that one of the global competence centers of sulfur research is located in Groningen. Beyond this sulfur deficiency causes worldwide avoidable yield losses, diminishes the nutritional quality and reduces nitrogen utilization efficiency of crops. The Netherlands are characterized by extremely high levels of agricultural production and big animal enterprises, which induce substantial environmental problems such as release of trace gases contributing to climate change, contamination of ground- and drinking water with nitrate and non-sustainable use of the finite resource phosphorus. Besides the implementation of GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) codes and the strict compliance with rules of balanced fertilization, novel technologies such as the acidification of slurries with sulfuric acid for reducing the release of nitrogenous gases are required urgently in order to tackle these problems. Recycled fertilizer products as for instance digestates from biogas plants offer a way to utilize manures and slurries. However, aspects of phosphorus speciation, risk of contamination with organic xenobiotics and heavy metals, and infectivity by pathogens need to be evaluated in the course of fertilizer value and soil protection.

The Symposium will address various topics of global interest and the presentation of innovative data in fertilizer research is appreciated explicitly. The major subjects are: • Sulfur metabolism in crops, mechanisms & applications to food security • Increase of fertilizer efficiency by optimized nutrient ratios & nitrification inhibitors • Strategies of efficient use of nutrients from manure, slurries & secondary raw materials • Efficient use of phosphorus • Balanced fertilization & nutrient balances • Secondary nutrients: silicon & micro-nutrients!

In invited lectures internationally highly acknowledged scientists will present cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art facts for each of the themes. The symposium brings together scientists from all over the world interested in the specifics of plant nutrition and fertilization in high-input systems. Participants will leave the symposium having shared ideas, having contributed to the body of knowledge concerning fertilizer use, and having made friends and contacts for future research.

{i} Registration:

Participants need to download and complete the 25th-CIEC-Symposium-registration-form.doc and send it to Symposium Secretariat: [email protected] by May 15, 2017. Lectures, abstract proceedings, coffee breaks, lunch and dinner during the symposium are available in the hotel. Participants will have to book the hotel room by downloading and completing the Hampshire-Hotel-Plaza-CIEC-reservation-form.doc and send it directly to [email protected]!! Registration fee participants: €300,- (incl. abstract booklet, get-together-party, lunches, morning and afternoon coffee/teas, conference diner and excursion). Registration fee companions: €125,- (incl. get-together-party, conference diner and excursion).

{i} Important Deadlines: (see also: 25th-CIEC-first-announcement.pdf)


{o} Travel to Groningen, The Netherlands!


Hampshire Hotel - Plaza Groningen

{o} A brief introduction to CIEC (Centre International des Engrais Chimique):

Founded in 1933, CIEC is the oldest scientific organization solemnly dedicated to fertilization. CIEC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) and actually organized as a task force with membership on invitation only. The CIEC task force consists actually on the President (Ewald Schnug, Germany) + 4 Vice Presidents: Francesco Montemurro (Italy), Zhengyi Hu (People's Republic of China), Nils Vagstad (Norway), Luit De Kok (The Netherlands), the Secretary General Silvia Haneklaus (Germany), the deputy Secretary General Bettina Eichler-Löbermann (Germany) and the Honorary President Cristian Hera (Romania).

{o} CIEC´S past, present and future events:

16 World Fertilizer Congresses (4 year rotation): Italy (3), Heidelberg, Opatija, Zurich, Lisbon, Vienna, Moscow, Budapest, Nicosia, Ghent, Beijing, Chiang Mai, Bucharest and Rio de Janeiro (scheduled: Shenyang 2019)

25 Fertilizer Symposia (annually): Vienna (2), Benghazi, Braunschweig (2), Balatonfured, Nicosia, Berlin, Salamanca, Kusadasi, Pulawy, Suceava, Tokat, Debreceen, Pretoria, Ghent, Cairo, Roma, Goslar (2), Santa Clara, Bari, Helsinki, Son, Coimbra and Groningen (scheduled: Braunschweig 2018).

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