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{i} The Sulphyton Workshops are open programme discussion workshops on the “Fundamental, Agronomical and Environmental Aspects of Sulfur Nutrition and Assimilation in Plants”. The workshop series was initiated at the "Cross-talk between Metabolic Pathways involving Sulfur in Plants" Workshop, Braunschweig, Germany, 2005. Previous Sulphyton Workshops were held in Potsdam, Germany, 2007, Norwich, U.K., 2009, Conegliano, Italy, 2011 and Athens, Greece, 2013.

{i} The 5th Sulphyton Workshop “Sulfur Nutrition and Metabolism in Plants” will be held at the Conference Center in the Taipei Botanical Garden. For the programme see: Preliminary Programme.pdf.

{i} The registration fee (including get-together party, coffee/tea, lunches & conference dinner, excursion) will be NTD7000 (approx. €220) and the accommodation costs in the Taipei Teacher's Hostel (incl. breakfast) will be NTD1700 (approx. €55) per night. The registration fee and accommodation costs can be paid upon arrival in Taiwan!

{i} If you have not registered yet and you still would like to participate in the 5th Sulphyton Workshop and to present and oral (20 min) or poster presentation (A0 size), then please complete the Registration-5th-Sulphyton-Workshop.doc form and send it by E-mail to [email protected] as soon as possible! The deadline for the submission of abstracts of oral/poster presentations (one A4 page, Times New Roman 12) will be August 21, 2016!

{i} Registered participants are requested to complete this inquiry Flight-schedule&Hotel-reservation.doc and send it as soon as possible to [email protected] (Mei-Hwei Tseng, University of Taipei, Taiwan) and a Cc. to: [email protected].

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